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hard gelatin capsules 5.[gelatin made from bones]Original title: Ministry of National Defense News: Disarmament 300,000 mission has basically completed the Beijing News News (Reporter Ni Wei) Ministry of Defense March 29th held a routine press▷◁○, the Ministry of Defense spokesperson Ren Guoqiang confirmed, my countrys cut army The postal 300,000 mission has been basically completed. On September 3, 2015, at the 70th anniversary of the Chinese Peoples Resistance Against War and the World Anti-Fast War Victory, President Xi Jinping announced that China will cut the army of 300,000. Ren Guoqiang announced at the press conference on the 29th that with the advancement of the military leadership system reform, scale structure and strength•★, our military structure and power system realizes the overall, revolutionary reshaping, and cut military posts 30 Military tasks have been basically completed◁•. Ren Guoqiang said that the cut military post is 300,00.

Original title: 2018 National Second Session of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Member Xie Xiaojun: It is recommended to change the tax tax to the average income of family members, the Beijing-Beijing News (Reporter Jia Shizhen) Today (March 9), in the Delegation of Chongqing At the group discussion meeting△=, the Committee of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, attended the 13th National Peoples Congress, Xie Xiaojun recommended that the national fiscal tax department should change the tax base levy by the individual income tax in the tax reform, and the average income of family members should be used as a baseline. Not based on individual salary income and other income. The voice is just falling•◇•★, and there is a representative of the report that this proposal is conducive to the birth of the second child. Xie Xiajun said that the comprehensive second child policy has to land, and now many people want to be born, I feel that the burden is too heavy. Xie Xiajun believes that the average income of family members will .

On March 15th, @ Shanghai announced that •◇■”Revival” will expand speed up on April 10, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail is only 4 hours and 18 points▪•! And the fare is constant◇◁◇! Future travel to Beijing Shanghai super convenience gelatin in japanese! No whitening collagen powder! Recently, good news about “Revival☆□” is more than one! On March 9th, my countrys first speed of 350 kilometers long group group “Revival△◁” China Standard EMU officially began to start type test•□, which is the first debut of my countrys latest extension version “revival”. It consists of 16 cars▷●, with a total length of more than 415 meters. At the same way, it is currently the longest high-speed train worldwide●■. 2018 Government Work Report pointed out that my countrys high-speed railway operation mileage reached 25◁◇,000 kilometers, accounting for three points in the wor pectin 1 kg gelatin bovine!

Original title□▼◁-: Exclusive Interpretation Government Work Reports During the New Opportunity of Ventures, the governments work report during the two sessions of the year is undoubtedly ●▷☆▽”wind direction” in Chinas development in the next year. This morning, Prime Minister Li Keqiang made a 2018 government work report, emphasized that it would ○-◆”promote the entrepreneurial business-□, and innovate new levels”…■▽. In the report, “innovation” has appeared 55 times••▽, ○▪”Internet…▼” 12 times, ◆…◇■”Internet +” appears 7 times◆◁●, “artificial intelligence”, “structural reform of agricultural supply•…”◁▪◇☆, •▷”sharing economy”, “medical health…•★•”, -○☆○” Internet finance ◆○▲☆”, etc. also also become a hot word. The report directly hits the birth and pain points, open a number of preferential policies, and send the opening ceremony for the creation. Looking for China Chuangke (ID: xjbmaker) invited many experts scholars and first lin.

Original title: During the probation period, it is still bribed▪△□. These three people have been punished: Dahuai News WeChat public number Recently, some media reported that “Hainan An official accepting bribes, still bribery◆▼…, 5 years, 5 years, 500,000 yuan” Message★△•■. According to the news, Huang Shaoxiang▼◁○, a high-end inspection of the high-end inspection of the Hainan Provincial Ocean and Fisheries Monitoring Corps▪★•, who was sentenced to 1 year in prison for the crime of accepting bribes▽■, probation for 1 year 6 months▷★■. However…••, the penalty did not cancel Huang Shaoxiangs greed, during the probation, Huang Shaoxiang did not reflect on this hand, but it was sharply, and used the position of the position. It was illegally to handle the ship safety certificate for others◇○•, and the benefit of 180★○…,000 yuan▲●-…. In order to mobilize the wife○▪★, the bribery wife unit leads 20,000 yuan. Finally, the court sentenced Huang Shaixiang in prison for 5 years and penalized 20,000 yuan. Pictu▪△☆.